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September 5, 2011

Ghosts in the Fog

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Ghosts in the Fog

I am not sure where my blog is and or my mind and various other body parts, so I am just posting a review I did today  for Library Media Connection and Linworth press.  Don’t know when the mag will use it and my advance copy didn’t have all the photos but I thought I would post this to say  I am still writing…don’t know where its going or who is reading but I am here hoping for cool weather.

Seiple, Samantha.  Ghosts in the Fog. 2011. 224 pp. $16.99 hc. Scholastic, Inc..978-5452296540

Samantha Seiple has done an amazing job of researching a little known battle front in WW II.  Written for young adults but a good read for any age, Ghosts in the Fog is a narrative nonfiction and it grabs the reader and drops him first in the world of the 1940’s then takes you to end the of the world, the Aleutian islands. The book reminded me of the movie “The Thing”, both the 1950s and the 1990s edition.  In both cases you are immersed into a cold and strange world where something awful and dangerous is coming. A place where storms are so fierce and cold they are called “Williwaws” and when the winds stop the fog rolls in.  But this is no simple monster from outer space, what Ms. Seiple brings the reader includes: secret spy missions, ancient Aleut and Attu Native American life, a highly trained and motivated Japanese force, bureaucratic atrocities, thousands of men in brutal hand to hand combat, villages destroyed, Native Americans left in detention camps and more.  The Alaska Invasion shows you all the courage, horror and honor of war.  Then like the Fog shrouded soldiers on both sides their stories disappeared, they were denied and ignored by both the Japanese and the American governments. Ms. Seiple has brought us a treasure.  Grade level 7 -12. Recommended for any World War II collection.

Suzanne Lay


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